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The Crossing Outreach is a ministry dedicated to helping individuals cross the threshold to a new life. Whether you’re homeless, a homeless veteran or an ex-offender, you are welcome. Enter through these unique doors and let’s walk together through the hardships you’ve experienced in an effort to find healing.

Since 2012, The Crossing Outreach has offered a different approach, with each resident experiencing healing and then offering a hand to the next person that comes to the crossing. Through a variety of activities and services, we seek to serve “the least of these” as described in Matthew 25:31-40:

  • Since opening The Crossing Emergency Shelter on 0ct. 15, 2018, we have provided 10,000 nights of shelter and had 550 unduplicated guests come through our doors seeking safe shelter and a meal.

  • “Come As You Are” church services every Sunday at 10 a.m.
  • Rags to Riches bag sales, Tire Planters and other products sold to provide funds for the ministry.

For more information about the ministries of The Crossing Outreach, contact us at 816-617-2148.

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